Versace-home logo

The story of iconic fashion brand born in 1970s from the genius of Gianni Versace and the help of both Gianni’s younger sister, Donatella, and older brother, Santo.

In 1992 the brand dips into the homeware world with textiles and porcelain dinnerware and later creating everything from luxury furniture lines to lighting and wallpaper.

Since the beginnig the Versace Home collection reflects Gianni’s and Donatella’s love for theatre, sculpture, dance and painting alive in its designs keeping alive the signature motifs
from Medusa and Barocco, to the graphic Greca and vivid Trésor de la Mer.

The Home collection always anticipates evolving trends and interprets them with a very Versace twist also thanks to smart partnership as like the one with Rosenthal to create fashionable stemware,
silverware and china dinner-party essentials. The brand excels in soft furnishings too, thanks to its own expertise in working with materials well known like pure silk,
super-soft cotton and velvet are firm favourites and usually the fabrics of choice for its exquisite cushions, bedding, towels and rugs.

Tipically for the Versace brand, the colour palettes often revolve around black, gold and white shades juxtaposed with slick lines.