Bentley home logo

Bentley, since 1919, is a well-known British manufacturer and marketer of luxury cars and SUVs.
In 2013 the brand launched the Bentley Home collection focused on quality and attention to detail and offers materials, interpreting the luxurious personality of the automobile brand.
The materials and finishes are in fact the same used for the cars, refined and precious, as well as the warm and natural colors, with moka, cognac, mole, gray and quartz nuances.

The Bentley Home collection is made by the “luxury designer” par excellence, the architect Carlo Colombo,
who has carefully studied the production of Bentley cars directly at the Crewe factory to perfectly interpret the style of the brand.
The collections catalog reaveals a variety of environments, like a wide selection of sofas, enhanced by hide leather or briar details, as also large and elegant beds for the sleeping area.
All this to allow to create an entire house labeled with the brand’s products.